Boat Cruise


Besides the loads of fun things to do at The Westwood, food to eat, wine to drink, beds to sleep in… there is also the amazing view of The Lagoon. But the Lagoon is there not just for the view. If you want to just enjoy the view, stay in our rooms, relax on our terraces, conference in our meeting rooms and eat in our restaurants. What better way to take advantage of the water than to go on boat cruises… become a part of THE view.
At The Westwood, we do boat cruises.
Pack a picnic, your headphones on and listen to music… however you want it to be, our boat cruises are a dream!
Sights and sounds of the city of Lagos, all on water?
Definitely a MUST do!!!
WELCOME TO THE WESTWOOD… where the lights are never dim, and there is ALWAYS something to do.