Our History

Our History


Welcome to Westwood Hotel Ikoyi with a rich history; housed in the first multi-storey building in the whole of West Africa, a landmark of remarkable reputation, the building, or Ile gogoro (Yoruba for 'very tall house') as it is fondly called by indigenes, was originally built for the renowned politician and orator, Samuel Akintola in 1959/1960.

 In the year 2006, in a conversation between a father and his son, that the idea to turn the building into a hotel was hatched. Meetings, hurdles, renovations and years later, Westwood Hotel Ikoyi was born. The Westwood Hotel is an embodiment of our rich history and our vibrant and effervescent presence. Nestled at the mouth of Cowrie Creek, and with all the life around it, it is indeed without doubt Your City Waterside Oasis.

 The hotel will engage all of your five senses: Of sight; the amazing view surrounding it, the smiles of happy staff. Of smell; the fresh air, the aroma of the uniquely Westwood Ikoyi

 Of touch; the feel of our soft sofas, beddings and towels, your skin as you swim in our pool. Of taste; a glass of wine from our Exquisite Wine collections, TASTY Meals as you enjoy our Chef specials locally and internationally, rich cup of coffee in the lobby. Of hearing; as you listen to relaxing music playing softly from our overhead speakers, the sound of splashing water at the Al Fresco area by the waterside or as you take a boat ride on the creek where we also wait to welcome and receive you or are you lounging on the terrace of your apartment enjoying the lovely view of the Creek with the best cocktail ever? Westwood Hotel, Ikoyi, Nigerian Hospitality with a twist of je ne sais quoi.  Westwood Hotel Ikoyi is proudly Nigerian.

Your Waterside Oasis.

We at Westwood Hotel Ikoyi, believe it is our duty to be the trendsetter in service delivery. We live our values and philosophy in the way we serve good food, provide superior accommodation and treat our guests.

We value friendship and originality, and so we are undeniable Nigerian in our hospitality approach. Respect is a fundamental part of what we stand for and embrace cultural diversity, flexibility in service, and fun.

Our staff are trained to serve you professionally in a proudly Nigeria style, making each experience a memorable one.

We are authentic and, as such, are proud to call ourselves:

  • Original
  • People-centric
  • Flexible
  • Fun to be with
  • Consistent

We therefore invite you to be part of our family and will warmly welcome you to our world. With state-of- the-art rooms, facilities, dining and a warm atmosphere, you are bound to find a home away from home.  Come and enjoy your stay with us!

The core benefits extended to the guest are that the product comes with simple solutions to their accommodation needs but also allows for external services that may compliment their stay.

In short, our regular guests have recognized that the quality product and services we offer is second-to-none.